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Living Well Folk School

Find out about upcoming Living Well Folk School Classes. Learn life long skills: Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Gardening, Sustainable Living Skills.  

Small Houses

The small house movement is a growing niche in the housing market.

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Information on past Small & tiny Houses Convergences, tiny living, Compressed Earth Blocks, and much more!


Living Well Folk School Classes

October 19th 2019

1)   Slow Cooking, Bar-b-cue Cooking, Smoking Food, and other traditional North Carolina wood-fired cooking methods
including cooking during emergencies.     
 Instructors:  Nancy Harman and Eli Harman
2)   Affordability Tips, Clothing Repair, Upcycling, and Home Businesses. 
Instructor:   Sherri Powell and others
1)   Being Ready for Emergencies
a)  Emergency Plan and Emergency Kit:   
Instructor:   Harvey Harman
b)  Most important tools for dealing with emergencies and how to store and maintain such tools.   
Instructor:   Larry Cooper
 c)  The value and importance of  “community”  in handling emergencies:   
Instructors:  Harvey Harman, Moose Barry, and others

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The Multiple Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Food

Fresh, high quality vegetables and fruit. Local food is usually sold to the consumer within hours of being picked. In contrast the average vegetable in the grocery store is 5-7 days old, sometime as much as two weeks old, before the consumer buys it.
More nutritious than what you can get at a grocery store. Why? The average fruit or vegetable at a chain grocery store has traveled more than 3000 miles to get there. The sooner fresh vegetables and fruits are eaten after being picked the most nutrients that are preserved

Fresh, high quality vegetables and fruit.

Local food is usually sold to the consumer within hours of being picked.

Grocery Store Produce 

Usually travels over 3000 Miles taking days to reach you the consumer!

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