Join for a weekend of tours, demonstrations and workshops dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills needed to build a sustainable small home. From compressed earth block construction, to timber framing, to financing and applying “a pattern language,” the convergence is designed to give attendees a breadth of knowledge needed to embark on the design and construction a small home.

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Small Houses, Large Lives!

A Branch of Living Well Earth Stewards

Mission and Organization

An Environmental Education and Demonstration Nonprofit Creating Affordable, Energy and Resource Efficient, Housing Options for Urban, Small Town,  and Rural Situations.

 Located in Randolph and Chatham Counties, North Carolina


To create one central place to locate information and activities that  promote  affordable, resource and energy efficient, small house production and share this information world-wide.


To promote, inspire, instruct, inform, and demonstrate safe, legal,  affordable, energy and resource efficient small houses.


“Small House” refers to a house under 1,200 square feet in size.

Executive Summary

The Small House Movement is a growing niche in the  housing market.  Some people are interested in Small Houses because they either can not afford a larger house, or choose not to put that amount of time and resources into a house,  or prefer to build a house without borrowing any money.  And others feel we have a strong moral obligation to dramatically reduce our environmental footprint and live more modestly and simply given global warming and climate change.