March 16th Cooking With Natural Fuels classes 9:00AM to Noon




March 16th 2019 Basic Fire Making and Outside Cooking I Instructors Nancy Harman and  Ben Harman 9:00AM to Noon

Learn the essential skills needed to start a fire, cook your food, and nourish yourself! Whether you are camping, dealing with an emergency survival situation, coping with a power outage, or researching colonial food preparation, this class will give you the step by step guidance to master rustic cooking techniques. These include the following:

…. Selecting a safe site for your fire

…. Finding and preparing your fuel

…. Starting and safely maintaining your fire

…. Preparing a meal using simple and foraged ingredients

…. Serving a sumptuous wood -fired feast to our Folk School Colleagues. This includes hot beverages.

Cooking over an open fire imparts flavors that cannot be achieved with conventional cooking. Join us on  this adventure!


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