“The outdoor cooking class was wonderful,” said Ellen Greer,   “So many different techniques were demonstrated, and the food was delicious.”   Greer was talking about the ” Outdoor Cooking” workshop she took in March at the recently opened Living Well Folk School in Franklinville, North Carolina.  Other workshops in March included Green Woodworking (an age old process of easily working green wood using just simple hand tools) and Alice’s Home Gardening led by Alice Loyd, who has been growing her own food for sixty plus years.   
    Teaching  skills in local self-reliance, sustainability, emergency readiness,  healthy living, and building community,   the Folk School holds workshops the third Saturday of the month  at Living Well Community.  Workshops for Saturday, April 20 include “Harvesting Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants,”   “Outdoor Cooking II,”  “Spoon Carving/Green Woodworking,” and “Outbuildings and Simple Shelters.”     “Everything I cook with electricity or gas I can cook over an open fire. Its fun managing heat and coals,” says Nancy Harman, one of the organizers of the Folk School and also one of the workshop leaders for the Outdoor Cooking workshops.  

     Workshops are $47 for a half day workshop, which also includes a wonderful lunch cooked outside, or $80 for a morning and afternoon workshop plus lunch.  Some scholarships and work trade options are also available.   To register for Workshops go to http://www.livingwellearthstewards.com/shop/.  For more information contact Harvey Harman at 919-799-6819, or harvey.harman@gmail.com.