Press Release:  

New “Folk School” to Open in Franklinville,  North Carolina

      “Living Well Folk School offers everything I’ve ever wanted to learn about how to live my life in harmony with nature,” says Hannah Love, a  mother and artist who says “If I could take every class every day for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.”

       The School, which will have workshops the third Saturday of every month starting in March, 2019  at Living Well Community in Franklinville, NC,   teaches skills for living well in  a changing and sometimes unpredictable world.   Living Well Folk School balances age old skills  like cooking with wood or making or repairing your own tools, with modern innovation like generating your own electricity  from solar energy  or starting your own sustainable home business.   “The focus is on skills that create long term self-reliance  and ability to handle unexpected challenges for ourselves and our communities” says Harvey Harman, who is part of the Living Well Earth Stewards nonprofit that is helping to start the Folk School. 

    Larry Cooper, a local blacksmith and craftsperson,  just got back from teaching a blacksmithing workshop at the oldest and best know Folk School in North America, the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.   “It’s very rewarding to teach a skill that 500 generations of craftspersons have shared around the world. The challenge to me is to stay true to the craft while delivering the information in a contemporary way,” says Larry Cooper.  Cooper, who has taught at various Folk School across the country and will be leading workshops at Living Well Folk School says
“I love the Folk School learning pace; to each their own in a non competitive learning environment. Last time I taught a class, I had a blacksmithing student pull me aside and say, ‘I’m just not getting this.’  I settled in and went through the processes step by step and that’s all it took. It was a real turning point in his experience and he immediately gained confidence with hammer and hot steel. “

       Nancy Harman, who will be leading workshops in outdoor cooking in talking about the Folk School says   “ I remember the first time that I repaired a lamp, or made a candle, or tried my hand at pressing cheese. It feels empowering and exciting, to learn new skills that improve my life and health.”  

   For this first year, the Living Well Folk School offers workshops in four primary areas:  Modern Homesteading,  Emergency Readiness,  Bushcraft/Greenwoodworking, and Cooking with Natural Fuels.   Workshops are in the morning from 9  a.m. until noon, with lunch provided for all participants, and again from 2 to 5 p.m. in the afternoon.   The first workshops will be held the third Saturday of March, on March 16.   Workshops for March include “Basic Firemaking and Outside Cooking,”  “Alice’s Home Gardening,”  and “Introduction and Use of Basic Greenwoodworking Tools and Skills.”  Workshops are $47 for a half day workshop, or $80 for both  a morning and afternoon workshop in the same day.   Some work trade and student scholarships are also available.  

     For more information, to learn more about workshops being offered in 2019, and to sign up for workshops go to  or contact Harvey Harman at, 919-799-6819.