Living Well Folk School 

Promoting Skills and Tools for Local Self Reliance

Upcoming Living Well Folk School Workshops for 2019

Areas of Concentration for 2019

BC/Green: Bushcraft/Green Woodworking

CN: Cooking with Natural Fuel

ER: Emergency Readiness

MH: Modern Homesteading (urban & rural)

Sponsored by Living Well Earth Stewards ( & Sustenance Farm

March 16
Use of Basic Green Woodworking Tools
Basic Fire Making & Outside Cooking I
Alice’s Home Gardening
April 20
Spoon Carving I
Outside Cooking II
Wild Harvesting – Edibles & Medicinals
Outbuildings & Simple Shelters
May 18
Bark Basket Making
Baking Over A Fire
Solar Fishing
Cooking With Herbs
Archery 2pm-5pm
Fishing 2pm-5pm
July 20
August 17
Tool Maintenance & Repair
Food For Health
1. Herb Preparations 2. Self-Care Products
Sept 21
Managing Your Wood Resources & Wood Lot
1. Fermenting I 2. Fermenting II
Oct 19
Spoon Carving III
1. Cob Oven Cooking 2. Smoking Food
Emergency Plan & Kit
1. Home Businesses 2. Affordability Tips
Nov 16
Survey of Green Woodworking
1. Cooking On The Grill 2. Slow Cook Bar-B-Cue
Working Together, Cooperative Efforts
1. Clothing Repair 2. Clothing Upcycling


July 20th


    –Cooking with Natural Fuels led by  Nancy Harman and Ben Harman
     –Resources and Materials from the River/Creek  led by James Himes and Harvey Harman
     –Alice’s Home Gardening led by Alice Loyd
     –Fishing during the Heat of Summer led  by Auburn Staples
     –Introduction to Beekeeping led by Mark and Micah Case
     –Greenwoodworking:  Spoon Carving leb by Larry Cooper

Living Well Folk School Price List

Half Day Workshop:  $47 (includes lunch)
Full Day Workshop $80  (includes lunch)
2 Half Day Workshop on the same day: $80 (includes lunch)

Living Well Folk School Workshop Times 

Morning Session 9 a.m.–Noon
Lunch and Break ( Lunch provided by LWES)  Noon–2:00 p.m.   
Afternoon Session:   2 p.m. — 5 p.m.
All Day Workshop:  9 a.m. —  5 p.m.  with a break for lunch from Noon until 2 p.m.

Living Well Folk School

312 Rising Sun Way
Franklinville, NC 27248