Larry Cooper is a professional blacksmith with 30+ years experience.  He had done architectural and artistic blacksmithing, and now focuses on quality toolmaking.   He has a passion for how to use less energy, and has focused his attention on new and old technologies that are less energy intensive, especially use of high quality hand tools.  He also is passionate about sharing what he knows with others with a focus on skilled use of simple hand tools.

Moustapha (Moose) Barry, a passionate advocate of ecological design and building, grew up with earth dwellings and thatch roofs in his native village in Casamance, Senegal, West Africa. He enjoys sharing the skills of compressed earth blocks and permaculture and believes in simple and low-tech solutions for shelter, food and energy challenges. 

In 1985, his cousin, a Senegalese architect, introduced him to the concept of Compressed Earth Blocks. He fell in love with the technology.  His passion for ecological design, food production and transformation led him to study under world renown teachers.With a Non Profit Organization (Moose Ecological Design Solutions), he is working on giving back to people of West Africa by sharing skills in Earth building and Permaculture. He co-taught the first Permaculture course in Senegal during the Third International Eco-City Conference held in Dakar-Yoff, in 1996.

Ed Witkin has been designing and installing solar electric systems for on and off grid applications since 1987.  Throughout the 1990s, Ed and his family lived in an off-grid solar powered post and beam house in Connecticut that Ed built using a solar electric generator to run all the power tools during the construction.

In 2003, Ed moved to North Carolina and started Carrboro Solar Works, LLC.  From 2008 to 2011 he worked with Solar Tech South, LLC (Now Strata Solar, LLC) of Chapel Hill, which was a start-up company in need of someone with a background in solar energy. 

In 2011, Ed took a position as the Sustainability Coordinator at Durham Technical Community College, where he taught for three years. During that time he and one of his students, Steven Thomsen, collaborated to design and build a solar electric generator for a remote school in Nicaragua. That project led to the formation of the non-profit organization called United Solar Initiative (USI) (  Ed continues to serve on the board of USI.

Ed has also been involved with renewable energy education through workshops, teaching engagements, articles in Home Power Magazine and displays at solar energy fairs and festivals

Harvey Harman is a licensed building and plumbing contractor with a passion for empowering people to build their own shelters. He is a cofounder of Living Well Community and Living Well Earth Stewards. Harvey works as the Construction Director for Chatham Habitat for Humanity and in his spare time does sustainable farming with his wife, Nancy, and designs small houses.

Harvey grew up on rural farm that backed up to hundreds of acres of protected game land.   From an early age he loved nature, the woods, water, animals, and all things related to self sufficiency.   Harvey is a long time organic farmer, green builder, teacher of sustainability, and writer.   He and his family spent five years living in a rural traditional village in southern Africa, and Harvey and Nancy have also lived in a mountain community in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.  For the past 28 years Harvey and family  have lived on a farm in central North Carolina.    Harvey helped start the Sustainable Farming Program at Central Carolina Community College and the Sanford Farmer’s Market.    Presently Harvey is the Director of Construction and Land at Chatham Habitat for Humanity where he works on building green, energy efficient, affordable housing.  Two of Harvey’s special interests are designing and building small/tiny houses, and encouraging the development of skills for resilient, self reliant neighborhoods and communities.  

Kim Calhoun with AbunDance Healing Arts  

Kim Calhoun joyfully shares wild food and plant medicine skills, tree wisdom, and earth’s beautiful abundance through walks and workshops in Chatham County, NC and as a personal foraging guide for families, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses around the Piedmont. Born and raised in North Carolina, Kim is also a gentle yoga teacher, licensed bodyworker, community dance DJ, and passionate about building equitable resilient communities. Learn more about her background and offerings at

Alice Loyd

Alice is a veteran gardener with an ever-expanding experience of growing food in the home garden. From 1964 to the present, her love of plants has gradually come to focus on food production. While she had raised food plants routinely wherever she lived, her first large garden venture was a 2000-square-foot vegetable garden she designed and created as she recovered from illness in the early 1980s in the Kansas City area. With limited income and physical strength and a full-time job, she grew most of her family’s produce from April through October. In 1996 when she moved to Raleigh into rented quarters with a mostly shady yard, she managed to continue that pattern by also finding space in other people’s yards.

From 2006 to 2010 she taught classes in gardening and home food preservation through her project Food Is the Key. She regards the garden that began in 2011 when she moved to a sunny lot in North Raleigh as the highest achievement of her gardening career. At the age of 75, putting nearly 40 years of experience to good use, she was able to turn a Bermuda grass yard into a food paradise within two years. There she planted and maintained 2100 square feet of vegetable beds, fruit trees, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and muscadine grapes, as well as medicinal plants including elderberries. These plants provided most of the food she ate all year long. In April 2017 she moved to Living Well, where the partnerships of the community garden provide the perfect way for an 80-something to be a contributor in the soul-enriching, body-nourishing act of growing food.

Henrietta Cummings – Edge of World Farm

Henrietta Cummings is an herbalist, herb and produce gardener providing herbal tinctures, salves, creams, fresh and dried herbs, and wild foods. She produces a variety of wild and cultivated herbs which she turns into tinctures and salves to promote good body health and healing.  She has been doing tinctures for about 15 years, but growing herbs for as long as she can remember. Cummings started off growing mints, culinary herbs and chamomile before turning her attention to Native American, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, learning more about the medicinal benefits they promoted.

David Malloy Archery Instructor

David Malloy is long-time archer and archery instructor who runs his own archery school near Greensboro, NC (see ).    David attended Bob Wesley’s Whispering Pines Archery School, Mr. Wesley is a world class archer and hunter. When Mr. Wesley  learned that David teaches archery he gave David permission to teach the methods he learned from Howard Hill. Howard Hill is widely recognized as one of the finest archers in history.

Hannah Love Is A Local Artist, Herbalist, And Mother

Hannah is a local artist, herbalist, and lifelong mother. From concocting salves and remedies for the market to creating home-grown products for all purposes around the house, Hannah has many years of experience whipping it up from scratch. Certified in the Korean way of tea, Hannah has a deep appreciation for natural products, healthful living, and their myriad benefits in a well-balanced life.

Fuz Sanderson – Endangered Species Biologist

Sanderson is an endangered species biologist, Earthskills teacher, musician, and storyteller. With over 25 years of experience as a wilderness instructor and researcher for various organizations, Sanderson always brings a diverse array of knowledge and skills to any event. 

Auburn Staples Loves Fishing

Growing up in North Carolina, Auburn discovered his love of fishing and distance running at a young age. With an academic background in Geology, he has spent recent years traveling America’s backcountry, in search of amazing trails and incredible fishing adventures. During this time he developed an array of methods for catching many species of freshwater fish. Whether you’re fishing for trout in Montana or bass in North Carolina, Auburn looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experiences in the hopes that you can begin landing big fish of your own and pass these skills on to future generations.

Sherri Powell Loves All Things Creative

Sherri has a degree in business and a background in finance.  She is a lover of all things creative:  cooking, sewing, building, crafting, landscaping, and problem solving to name a few.  Her background in sewing includes wedding and bridesmaid dresses, parade banners, costumes, curtains, and even machine embroidery with a basic machine.  All of these skills have come together nicely in the building of a homestead with her husband John.  She writes a blog that includes their progress at 

Ben Harman Says “Fire it up!”

Ben is a food scientist, food industry analyst, and proud scion of the Harman organic-farming, home-cooking, and self-reliance tradition. He graduated from the Food Science program at NC State University and has travelled, studied, and taught classes around the world. Though currently working professionally in “Big Food,” he nurtures a smale-scale passion for home cooking, saving money, living well, and radical personal responsibility. He learned to chop wood and cook over an open fire from his backcountry roots, and enjoys sharing practical tips and advice with others. Fire it up.

Nancy Harman Comes From A Long Line of Good Cooks!!

Nancy is a midwife and organic farmer who likes cooking for groups large and small. In 2011 she graduated from the Natural Chef program at Central Carolina community college. She loves fermenting and experimenting with gluten free and paleo recipes. Farm fresh ingredients, prepared in ways that highlight their freshness, allow healing through the food that we eat. For five years, living in a small African village, she learned to cook over an open fire, and with improved wood stoves to minimize fuel usage. Nancy comes from a long Line of good cooks and is proud to say her three sons are all great cooks!