The  Deep River Folk School presents:

 “How to Build a Tiny Home 

  (on Wheels or a Foundation)”      

    an 8 part Hands-On Workshop Series (one workshop per month)

 starting on Jun 13, 2021.        

Cost:  $1,200 for the 8 workshops series 


The Motivation:   The cost of housing continues to rise,  putting home ownership out of reach for an increasing number of Americans.  At the same time the option of building a home oneself, a skill people have been able to practice for thousands of years, is often out of reach to the average person because of the size, cost,  and complexity (not to mention all the legal requirements) of building a home in the 21st Century.    In addition, an increasing number of people want another option to home ownership other than having a long term mortgage with a large monthly payment.  And in our more mobile culture, some people want the option of being able to move their home more easily when they relocate.  

What the Workshops will cover:   Starting with choosing the right trailer or foundation, the 8 part series will systematically take you through “How to Build a Tiny Home”.   While covering essential background information, the Workshops will have a “hands-on” approach where participants through the 8 weeks will actually build a Tiny Home on Wheels (THOWs).   Participants can use the information to build their own tiny home, or use it to learn or improve basic skills for building their own home in the future.    

Dates for the Workshops:   Workshops will be held from 1-6 pm on the second Sunday of the month starting in June (June 13), 2021.   Workshops happen at 282 Rising Sun Way in Franklinville, NC, an easy drive from Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte, Fayetteville,  Winston-Salem,  Southern Pines, and points beyond.       Priority is given to folks taking the full slate of 8 Workshops.   If space allows, we will allow additional participants to sign up for individual Workshops.   Workshops will happen regardless of weather conditions on the day they are scheduled.   We do have covered space to use in the event of rain or adverse weather conditions.  

Number of Participants and Safety Requirements:   Course participation is limited to 12 people so as to allow for everyone to fully participate in the hands-on skill learning as we together build the Tiny House.     Safety requirements during the build need to be followed at all times and participants agree ahead of time to such safety requirements.   Because of COVID, all activities will be outside, or in a covered area with lots of natural air circulation.   Safety requirements will be identified prior to the start of the Workshops.  

Cost:  Cost to take the full series of 8 workshops is $1,200.   Cost for individual workshops, on a space available option only,  is $200/workshop.      Payment in full is required prior to attending a workshop.   Refunds will only be available if requested at least a week in advance of a workshop happening and another person is found to take the available workshop spot.   A 10% fee will be charged for any refund that happens.   Checks or payments  are to made out to “Living Well Earth Stewards.”

Instructors:   The  instructors are Harvey Harman, Nathan Huening, and Ben Harman.

   Harvey is a licensed Building Contractor,  licensed Plumbing Contractor, and has extensive experience designing and building a wide variety of small and tiny houses.   Harvey works full-time for Chatham Habitat for Humanity as the Director of Construction and Land Development where he works with others to build houses using volunteers with varying construction skill levels.  

   Nathan, along with his wife Callie, built their own 8’ x 20’ THOW that they now live in full-time with 3 dogs. In addition, Nathan spent 1 year as an apprentice remodeling houses in Durham and 7 months as an apprentice in a cabinet shop. He and Callie are developing one of the few approved Tiny Home Communities in NC, where you can park your home and live legally full-time. Nathan is launching a business building tiny houses for sale and has begun construction on the first model (8’ x 24’). 

    Ben is a Quality Analyst with experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Over the years Ben has participated in many renovation and construction projects and freelanced his time as a general handyman. He is drawn to the tiny house concept as a means of comfortably incorporating thoughtful design into a low-waste lifestyle.  

Proposed Workshop Schedule (Topics may be adjusted slightly based on workshop participants 


   –Workshop 1:  Planning/Permitting/Certifying./Zoning and legal issues

      June 13, 2021    All about trailers and foundations

                               Intro to tools and Safety

                               Hands-on Activity:   Floor Framing 

      –Workshop 2:    Planning/Permitting/Certifying./Zoning and legal issues (cont.)

         July 11              Tools and Safety (cont.)

                                    Hands-on Activity:     Wall Framing

      –Workshop 3:   Design for Tiny Homes

          Aug. 8             Locating good sources of Materials

                                  Hands-on Activity:    Roof Framing and Finished Roof Installation

      –Workshop 4:    Design for Tiny Homes(cont.)

          Sept. 12              Places to find Information,  technical support, skill development, and networks

                                   Hands on Activity:   Doors and Windows  (also vents and penetrations, and building envelope issues)

      –Workshop 5:     Site Preparation for locating a Tiny Home

          Oct. 10             Tiny Homes as an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

                                    Hands-on Activity:    Installing  Outside Trim and Siding

      –Workshop 6:     Hauling or Moving a Tiny Homes

         Nov. 14                  Where to get information and skills about Plumbing

                                      Moisture, Ventilation and Heating/Cooling in a Tiny Home.

                                      Unique plumbing features and Tiny Homes

                                      Hands-On Activity:   Doing Plumbing (and HVAC)  in a Tiny Home

      –Workshop 7:       Understanding Electricity

        Dec. 12                 Where to get information and skills about electrical wiring

                                       Code or Safety requirements with  Electrical wiring and a Tiny Home

                                       Hands-on Activity:   Doing wiring in a Tiny Home

      –Workshop 8:        Insulation in a Tiny Home

          Jan 9, 2022                Interior wall coverings in a Tiny Home

                                       Finish work overview (cabinets, build-ins, stairs/ladders, closets, etc.)

                             Hands-on Activity:   Doing Insulation and Interior wall coverings in a Tiny Home.


Please Note:   The Workshops cover building a Tiny Home up through where finished inside work starts.  We will touch on options for doing finish work, but not cover it fully in the Workshops.  Depending on a participants prior knowledge and skill level,  they may need to do additional training/practice to fully do all the tasks covered in the Workshops, or find other people/resources to help with such.  

For Questions and additional information contact:

     Harvey Harman.   Phone: (919)799-6819.    Email:

To register for the Workshops go to: